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Shipyard life

Selene Asian market is growing rapidly… Since the opening three months ago only of our branch in Thailand, several orders have confirmed this trend. For two days a team of our Asian Selene office is visiting our Zhuhai shipyard to inspect ongoing projects and new builds and to adjust our most popular models to the requests of “tropical customers.”

Our Asian office run by two experienced captains with a hundred thousand nautical miles on their logbooks, and skills in maintenance and service, will be the first branch using the Selene Virtual Reality system to present our yachts lines. Besides, our dynamic and creative Krabi team offers simple and reliable solutions for tax-free registration of vessels in Asia.

A growing Asian and Pacific market

Our Asian Selene Branch will also introduce to the Asian and Pacific markets several Selene planing yachts designed by Howard Chen and Dutch architect Guido de Groot. The luxury, but affordable, Artemis line from 38’ to 78’ is tailored for those who do not intend to cross an ocean but want to enjoy coastal cruising or a happy weekend anchored in a tropical bay…

January 10, 2020 News

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