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Gyrostabilization on a Selene yacht

Our R&D and procurement departments are always on watch for the best technology and gear! We have recently installed on a Selene 42 Voyager Sedan a gyro stabilizer which has passed all the tests with flying colors during the maiden trip of the yacht. This is our second successful installation on a Voyager model. Anything that can improve comfort or safety is always welcome on a Selene yacht!

Zero speed Stabilization

Gyrostabilization is a cutting-edge technology and a must on many pleasure crafts for some years. It offers an amazing result under way, but also at zero speed when the boat is at anchor. Seasickness is eliminated in most cases. Less seasickness means less fatigue for the crew and captain, and less fatigue means better situation awareness and safety at sea. . .

The gyro systems selected by our engineers are manufactured for years already and have proven to be as effective as fins. On this specific 42 Voyager the unit we have installed is designed to reduce the roll on vessels from 5 tons to 500 tons. Similar systems operate all over the world on ferry-boats, fishing and work boats as well as military vessels. A gyro stabilizer usually eliminates 95% of the boat roll. The core components are completely isolated from the marine environment. One of the essential advantages of a gyrostabilizer is the fact there are no appendages under water and no holes in the hull.

A reliable technology

The gyro systems are very reliable with a flywheel spinning at 9,000 RPM or more in a vacuum containment. The unit is powered by a generator and when the system is properly designed by our engineers, it can even be powered by an adequately sized inverter while underway.

When the boat rolls, the gyro tilts fore and aft, producing a powerful gyroscopic torque to port and starboard that significantly reduces the boat roll. The self-adaptive control software allows the gyro stabilizer to work effectively under any sea condition. A small digital display is conveniently installed at the helm. The touch screen allows the user to start, stop or lock the gyro stabilizer as well as check the device condition and angle of roll in real time. The high or low wave mode assures the most comfortable ride under any sea conditions. 

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