Olympia 52

Olympia 55


220Power (HP)


A new yacht is joining the Selene line of ocean explorers. With two years of development, the Olympia 53 catamaran was designed by Selene’s design team in response to inquiries for a blue water power catamaran with a reduced environmental impact, exceptional stability, and low operating costs, but without loss in comfort and passage-making ability. The Olympia confirms that Selene Yachts is a builder of blue water cruising yachts that embrace novelty and innovation. With one hull or two hulls, a Selene will always be a Selene…

A wide array of solar panels and wind generators are key to self-reliance and a lower carbon footprint. Rather than producing more power with a generator, we have reduced the power draw. Rather than attempting to cool large volumes, the sleeping zone of the staterooms is partitioned with sliding panels, allowing for smaller air conditioning units. And rather than relying only on mechanical propulsion we have opted for a traction kite for long passages and power-assistance underway.

The exterior and interior design is elegant and functional with features that will delight the crew, a lot of thought has been put into storage. A timeless interior atmosphere, our bespoken attention to details and high quality materials are amongst the features that make the Olympia so well perceived in the nautical community.

Since 1999, in the wake of 450 Selene yachts from 36’ to 98’, the Olympia is designed for safe and eco cruising. It is perfect for navigators intending to live off the grid beyond the horizon… Every inch of the interior has been thought out to maximize the usability and comfort. With enhanced thermal insulation, the interior is generously ventilated by concealed bladeless ceiling fans. Access for servicing systems is easy, and the Olympia – with its perfectly size engines – has a tank capacity tailored for serious cruising.


Because our customers have high expectations and keep their yachts for long periods of time, we have decided to remain classic and not to compromise with the fashionable trends of the industry. In twenty years, a Selene Olympia will still possess that classic look with its salty silhouette. This has been in our DNA for the past twenty-five years…

Redundancy is structural on a catamaran… With two hulls, Olympia needs no mechanical stabilization. Due to the distance between the propellers, Olympia needs no bow or stern thrusters for close-quarter maneuvers, thus, less expensive and complex systems to install and maintain. On the Olympia we have simplified the equipment in order to concentrate on voyaging. The Olympia is a revolutionary yacht for adventurers who intend to cruise the world safely, and in style.

The keywords for the Olympia are redundancy and safety, but also range, stability, comfort, simplicity and economy. Fuel is no longer the flavor of the month in our world. With the rise in oil prices and the growing concerns for the environment, yacht builders have started to consider smaller engines, lower speed and a low fuel burn. And Selene owners like to sail far away a lot more than sailing fast…

The Selene Olympia fills a gap in the market, most existing catamarans in this range are coastal cruisers designed for the charter industry or leisure, but are not fit for ocean crossings or extended voyages. Roberte Beebe, the American guru of passage making under power and French captain Marin Marie, the first navigator having crossed the Atlantic single-handed on a power yacht in 1936, would for sure love our Selene Olympia!


  • LOA : 55’
  • LWL: 48’ (14,63m)
  • Beam: 7,36m
  • Draft: 3’-7’’ (1,12m)
  • Displacement: 14,5t
  • Fuel tank capacity: 660 USG (2500L)
  • Fresh water tank capacity: 180 USG (680L)
  • Engines: Yanmar 110 HP x2
  • Sonar Panels: 5,000 Watts
  • Wind Generator: 500 Watts x2
  • Battery Bank Mastervolt MLI Ultra: 12/5500