Jet Tern Marine is a division of the Jet Tern Group owned by the Chen Family. Howard Chen, founded Jet Tern Marine in 1998. With a spirit of excellence, Selene Ocean Trawler became quickly a world leading brand in the luxury long-range trawlers and explorer yachts galaxy.

In 1970, a famous Taiwanese architect named Dr. Da-Hong designed a memorial to commemorate the successful « Apollo 11 » moon landing. Since the NASA project was called Apollo, after the greek God of the sun, and the project’s goal was moon exploration, Mr. Wang decided it would be appropriate to name the memorial Selene after the mythical Greek goddess of the moon. Years later, Howard Chen became a student of Mr. Da-Hong Wang at the School of Architecture of Tunghai University in Taiwan. When he learned about the memorial he decided to call his new line of yachts « Selene ». And the first yacht arrived in the United States in 1999, and to date there are more 400 of them cruising around the world !


Initially, Jet Tern Marine, which manufactures the Selene Yachts was based in Taiwan, with a shipyard near Guangzhou in China. The « historical » Selene HQ, is still located in a prosperous industrial town called Hou-Jie, which means « rich street » in Chinese. This town is also known for its high-end furniture industry. As a result, many of the materials that Jet Tern uses to create the luxurious interiors of Selene Yachts are readily available. High quality woods and veneers, fabrics, granite, and glass are all easy to find locally, sometimes next door ! In addition, skilled labor is plentiful in the region, and the local climate is ideal for fibre-glass lamination. Because of a lack of space, as of 2008, the production facilities have gradually been transferred to a brand new Jet Tern Marine shipyard in Zhuhai, near Macao. This relocation is due to be completed at the end of 2017 with several boats being almost completed in Hou-Jie.

As of 2018, all future boats will be manufactured in Zhuhai. Driving down the wide Zhuhai highway to the Zhuhai Yacht Industrial District, passing over the Jitimen Bridge, the visitor will discover the high workshop buildings by the riverside surrounded by many mountains and rivers. Close to the sea, it is one of the best places to develop a shipyard. Jet-Tern Marine Zhuhai factory covers 120,000 square meters. In addition, it’s worthwhile to mention that Howard Chen invested a lot of time in the design of the buildings ; the two cream-colour workshop and the four story dormitory that stand near the Zhuhai road are very eye-catching.

This scenery makes Zhuhai Jet-Tern Marine set apart from the other factories in the vicinity. The whole factory design, workshops arrangement, production lines and the landscaping are all Howard’s vision for a practical and human factory. Transferring the moulds and installing the new lines of production was not an easy task… By the end of June 2007, several major engineering projects had already been completed, including the 13,627 square meters workshops A & B, the main 3,000 square meters warehouse and housing for the shipyard’s workers. From a deserted banana plantation a modern yacht building site has taken shape… The next stage will include an anchoring dock. Jet Tern is one of the best equipped and biggest scale shipyard building FRP boats, and one of the ten biggest yachts shipyards in the world. The workshop B, equipped with four cranes capable of lifting 100 tons, is the biggest single production shop in Asia and can accommodate 36 sets of moulds or boats under construction. Since October 2006, Jet Tern also has its own stainless steel workshop, which reduces dramatically the production costs. The Zhuhai shipyard has the capacity to build up to a hundred boats per year !