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Voyager Sedan 4242, all tests passed!

Our teams have tested last week hull N°42 of our latest Voyager Sedan model on the Pearl River. With our Selene in-house captain, the happy owners, and twelve technicians on board, she passed all the tests with flying colors against a strong tidal current and a 15-knot southerly wind. The yacht was at half load with fuel and water.

A perfectly sized engine

The John Deere 180 HP engine performed very well. It was started, and controlled permanently during the sea trial by a John Deere engineer, who came especially from Taiwan. He has connected the ECU (Engine Control Unit) to the manufacturer’s monitoring application. Temperature, oil pressure, fuel burn, exhaust temperature and the drive train’s alignment were all within range at 90% constant load. All tests passed!

The Northern Lights 14KVA generator was sparked too and delivered steadily the right voltage and amps. The owner requested no sound shield for easier service and inspection. Our reinforced sound proofing in the engine room, bulkheads and floor worked well with a very limited noise level under way and at the dock. All tests passed!

All systems up and running

The air conditioning three units worked perfectly. With the inclement weather at that time of the year in the delta, the boat was as cold as a refrigerator during the sea trial! Tests passed!

Seakeeper gyrostabilizer: an intelligent system indeed. As the owner says (who intends to cruise in shallow waters infested with floating and drifting fishing nets) it’s always good to know that no appendages hang under water… Test passed!

Electrical systems: all good in that department too! All the electrical panel breakers are perfectly labeled. The back light is a very nice addition. Test passed!

Perfect seakeeping

Manoeuvring trials involve a number of tests to determine the directional stability of the yacht. These include direct and reverse spiral manoeuvres, zig-zag, and lateral thrusters use.The steering system and the Garmin autopilot and all electronic instruments performed well: no hunting underway and the boat remained flat during U-turns at full speed. Test passed!

The boat was perfectly in line with the predicted waterline. No extra ballast needed. Test passed! And finally, we have proudly observed a neat and perfect wake at the top speed of 10 knots, which against the strong current of the river mouth was quite a good performance for a displacement hull. Speed and stability test passed!

An elegant coastal cruiser with extended range

The yacht is now back indoor, in the factory, for final commissioning, cleaning, polishing and wrapping for delivery… Next to her, another two 38 and 42 Voyager are nearly completed. The 42 Voyager Sedan is definitely a popular Selene model with its very refined design; comfort and technology. We have invested a lot of R&D in this model…

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