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Selene 72 Ocean Explorer acclaimed in the French press

Famous French boating magazine Neptune published a 10-page story on our latest Selene 72 Ocean Explorer. The full article can be found in our Press Article section. Neptune is the French equivalent of the American Passagemaker magazine.

New lines, same quality

What is catching eyes is the elegant combination of modern styling and the line of a reassuring ocean going vessel. It shows a number of the Selene family traits with her powerful raised pilothouse, Portuguese bridge, wide upper deck, and side-deck walk-around which provide safety and convenience for passengers of all ages ( wide body or semi-wide body is optional.)  But a new approach is also visible in the addition of the large side windows in the hull and the curvy and sleek lines of the flying bridge.

A real ocean going yacht

Style, structural engineering, fuel economy and performance have all been blended to create a perfect Ocean Explorer designed for longer distances between ports and more varied adventures in any conditions.

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