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Beauty is in the details

The devil is in the details… How often have we heard that? We rather think that beauty is the details… We are happy to share with our reader the exclusive sneak peek of our latest Selene 49 Classic Explorer. She is now bound for the Arctic circle and as of now the owner may wish to keep her beautiful vessel private… The interior finish reveals the skills and talent of our shipwrights… 

A Selene fo every voyage

All Selene yachts are hand-built, this is why we can customize our vessels and listen to our customers’ lifestyle and taste. Extra berths, one more stateroom, a study, a library, a piano, a classic atmosphere or contemporary style? Yes, we can do it… Our designers are incredibly creative. And at an affordable price… Do not hesitate to ask us to build your dream yacht, we have a Selene for every voyage.


August 13, 2021 Articles

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