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Full steam!

Three more Selene yachts splashed in the water! A Selene 62, a Selene 60 and an Artemis 39 are successfully being tested in the Pearl River. Selene yachts are fit for any kind of sailing program, coastal cruising with our Artemis 39 and Voyager lines or world voyages with our Classic Explorer or Ocean Explorer lines from 45 to 92′. Selene yachts are sailing all over the globe for more than twenty years. They shine in any marina! Selene is a division of the Selene Yachts Group founded in 1998. With a spirit of excellence and great design, Selene Ocean Yachts quickly became a leading world brand in the luxury long-range trawlers and explorer yacht galaxy.

The Selene Shipyard

Selene Yachts in Zhuhai is one of the best equipped and largest shipyards building FRP yachts in the world. The Zhuhai shipyard has the capacity to build up to a hundred yachts per year! The shipyard includes two workshops, each approximately 150,000 square feet and a warehouse of 32,000 square feet. Workshop B is equipped with four cranes capable of lifting 100 tons, and is the biggest single production shop in Asia. It can accommodate 36 sets of molds or boats under construction. Selene yachts are built with the best components sourced from Western countries assembled by qualified shipwrights who have been with us for twenty years! Last but not the least, due to Selene Yachts unique marketing policy and our ability to customize our yachts, our prices are highly attractive compared to other brands…

Selene People

There are close to 500 Selene people and they are responsible for design, interior decoration, upholstery, carpentry, fiberglass tooling, painting, stainless-steel fabrication, procurement, electrical, hydraulic and mechanical systems, electronics from a simple chart plotter to a super-yacht glass bridge… With several designers, engineers, naval architects and production line managers, the Selene people can graciously and enthusiastically take up the challenges of any yacht from 36 to 92 feet, and more. The Selene people can take it from the drawing board to the launching pad. Like Howard Chen, the founder of Jet Tern Marine, the Selene people are an “Inspired Team of Dream Builders.”


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