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A new Selene 60 delivered

A Selene 60 Ocean Explorer has reached its port of call and is now moored in its shelter! The Selene 60 is the smallest vessel of the Selene Explorer line with all the qualities and advantages of a much larger yacht. Selene yachts are not production boats, but semi-custom, handcrafted, solid vessels that are available to you at comparable production boat pricing.

A first look, the Selene 60 Ocean Explorer by Guido de Groot shows a number of the Selene family traits with her powerful raised pilothouse and Portuguese bridge. She is sure to appeal to existing boat enthusiasts. The Selene 60 reaches a new level of luxury that is intended to compete directly with the finest European yards but with all of the advantages of GRP. Although the Selene 60 can easily be operated by the owner, it has a comfortable crew quarter aft with a full head for a captain or steward, which can also double as a fourth cabin.

There is a big difference between a recreational “trawler” and a true ocean-going passage maker like a Selene. The ability to power with confidence across any sea or ocean in safety and comfort is chief among the reasons experienced boaters go to Selene, whether their adventures are coastal, global or somewhere in between. For more than twenty years, Selene yachts are found all over the world

The differences include stronger hulls, watertight bulkheads and doors, full skeg protected propeller and rudder, backup bilge pumps, large scuppers, continuous duty engines, and automatic engine room fire extinguisher systems. Knowing that a Selene Yacht owner often has to be both the captain and engineer of the vessel, we have invested a lot of time in the design of our engine rooms, which are regarded in the industry as best in their class with good access, plenty of room to work around the systems, with ease of maintenance and service in mind.

We install only first-class electrical brands for batteries, generators, inverters, chargers, light fixtures, etc. Our engineering team is always ready to assist our owners in the sizing of their yacht’s electrical system with the desired level of redundancy depending on how the yacht is going to be used.

We wish fair winds to the happy owner and captain of Selene 6045. . .

May 15, 2023 Articles

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