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Sharing Memories at the East Coast Rendezvous – Photo Contest

As the sun set on the picturesque Solomon Island in Maryland, the horizon was graced not by one, but 15 majestic Selene yachts. This was no ordinary evening; it marked the beginning of the successful Selene East Rendezvous USA.

For four days, Selene enthusiasts from various corners of the country came together to celebrate their shared passion for the sea and their beloved Selene yachts. With attendees spanning from the East Coast to those who voyaged from other states, the gathering became a melting pot of diverse experiences, stories, and sailing chronicles.

Unforgettable Moments at the Rendezvous

As always, Selene events promise more than just a meeting of boats. It’s a coming together of a community, a family. The recent Rendezvous was filled with exciting presentations, delightful camaraderies, and the ever-anticipated Selene Photo Contest.

With categories titled, “Your Boat Is The Star” and “Wow! Cruising Shot”, participants were eager to showcase their most prized photographs. These weren’t just snapshots; they were moments frozen in time, capturing the essence of the Selene lifestyle.

Your Boat Is The Star

In this category, Selene owners took center stage showcasing their vessels in all their glory. From intimate close-ups of the crafts to wide shots displaying them against the backdrop of azure waters and cotton candy skies, each photo spoke volumes about the pride of ownership and the meticulous craftsmanship synonymous with Selene yachts.

Wow! Cruising Shot

For those with an adventurous streak, this category was a call to flaunt the thrills of cruising. Entries featured breathtaking panoramas of Selenes cutting through waves, tranquil moments of anchoring in secluded bays, and candid moments of life aboard. It was evident; Selene isn’t just a boat. It’s a way of life.

Reliving the Experience

While the Rendezvous may have concluded, the memories forged during those four days remain etched in the hearts of all attendees. And for those who couldn’t make it, we bring a slice of the event to you. As we share these wonderful owner’s photographs, we hope you’ll feel the salt in the air, hear the soft splash of the waves, and sense the palpable excitement of being a part of the Selene family.

Here’s to the adventures, the open seas, and the timeless beauty of Selene yachts. Until we meet again, let’s keep the Selene spirit alive and cruising!

November 8, 2023 Events

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