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A repeat customer orders a Selene 42 Voyager Sedan

A new Selene 42 Voyager Sedan is currently under construction at our factory for a very experimented owner and skipper who has 40,000 NM under his belt and a few ocean passages on his log-book.

After having owned and skippered much bigger power yachts and trawlers he has decided that the Selene 42 Voyager Sedan with more than a 1,000 NM range and its four water-tight bulkheads has everything he needs for his sailing plans in South-East Asian waters and even for a planned voyage from Hong Kong to Brisbane.

The yacht will have a hydraulic get-home engine and some design alterations to match the life-style of the owner and his wife who intend to spends several months in a row on their boat while working thanks to a sophisticated Internet and communications system.

September 7, 2017 News

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