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A Maritime Odyssey: The 2023 East Coast Selene Rendezvous

In the picturesque town of Solomons, Maryland, the sea’s whispers and the allure of luxury yachts beckoned maritime lovers to a unique gathering. As the sun cast golden reflections on pristine waters, enthusiasts united at the 2023 East Coast Selene Rendezvous.

This was no ordinary event; it was an odyssey of camaraderie, insights, and shared aspirations.

Celebrating Yacht Craftsmanship and Community

The Rendezvous offered a vibrant platform for Selene Yachts Americas launch and was graced by the esteemed visionary Selene Yachts owner, Howard Chen. Howard’s deep passion was palpable as he described the unmatched underwater features of Selene yachts and engaged personally with each owner.

His visits to every yacht, accompanied by the gifting of Selene burgees, deepened the sense of unity within the Selene community.

With 15 boats and around 50 owners marking their presence, attendees hailed from distant shores like Washington and California, emphasizing the Rendezvous’s national appeal. Orchestrating this maritime ballet were the dedicated organizers, Barry and Robin Newland, Greg and Glenda Groome, and Steve and Cindy Covington. Their efforts transformed the gathering into an unforgettable experience, forging lasting connections.

Capturing Timeless Moments

Selene Americas commissioned a top photographer and videographer who flew in from California, ensuring the event’s essence was beautifully preserved. Drones danced in the skies, capturing breathtaking views, while insightful interviews and crisp photographs encapsulated shared memories.

Knowledge Sharing and Anticipation

Engaging talks peppered the event, including a sneak peek into the West Coast Selene Rendezvous scheduled for Roche Harbor, WA, and insights into the future of the Selene Owner’s Forum by Mark Tilden.

Conversations bubbled with anticipation for an upcoming Rendezvous in the Bahamas, highlighting the community’s zeal for more such gatherings.

Adventures at Sea: More Than Just Tales

A special segment of the Rendezvous was dedicated to the adventurous spirits of the Selene yacht owners. With gleaming eyes and enthusiastic tones, many came forward to narrate tales of their voyages, revealing challenges faced, breathtaking sunrises witnessed, and the sheer joy of being one with the vast expanse of the sea.

Adding a visual touch to these tales was a spirited photo contest. Owners showcased captivating moments from their journeys, each image telling a story of its own. From dramatic oceanic landscapes to candid moments on deck, the contest was a testament to the beauty of seafaring life.

Not only did it offer a chance to relive memories, but it also provided a platform for owners to share their personal glimpses of the world, viewed from the deck of a Selene yacht.

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