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Celebrating the 2024 West Coast Selene Rendezvous at Roche Harbor

This April, the picturesque Roche Harbor in Washington was abuzz with the spirit of camaraderie and luxury yachting as it hosted the 2024 West Coast Selene Rendezvous.

This illustrious event brought together a vibrant community of over 100 attendees including 35+ Selene Yachts, Selene yacht owners, boating enthusiasts, and industry leaders in a celebration of nautical excellence.

The weekend was packed with activities, starting with a series of educational seminars that offered insights into the latest yachting trends, safety techniques and technologies.

Across the many Selene yachts at the event, there was some of the first Selene’s built in the 25 year history of Selene up to some of the newest yachts built.

The new Ocean Explorer 60 was on display for many to see for the first time.

Howard Chen, the visionary founder of Selene Ocean Yachts, made a special journey from China to attend, sharing his expertise and inspiring stories about the world of yachting.

Guests enjoyed a splendid array of dining options, with local chefs serving up everything from fresh seafood to gourmet treats, paired with local wines.

Throughout the event, the docks were alive with excitement as owners proudly toured each other’s Selenes, discussing modifications and sharing experiences of their aquatic adventures.

This year also marked a significant milestone with the introduction of Selene Americas to the West Coast, ushering in a new chapter for the community.

Old friends reunited and new friendships were formed, all against the backdrop of Roche Harbor’s stunning resort setting. Photographs captured the essence of the event—from the serene location and the elegant yachts to the joyous faces of participants.

After the rendezvous conclusion, a number of the Selene’s departed together creating several formations while leaving the picturesque Roche Harbor and on their way to explore and create new adventures.

As we reflect on the 2024 Rendezvous, we are reminded of the unique bond that unites the Selene family. Here’s to more years of beautiful boats, boundless seas, and the unrivaled spirit of the Selene community!

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