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Howard Chen Trip on C. Wave to Signapore

The Selene 6219 Ocean Explorer "C.WAVE" Completes her Maiden Voyage

In the world of luxury yachting and trawler yachts, few events inspire more confidence and admiration than a successful maiden voyage. The Selene 6219 Ocean Explorer “C.WAVE” has just concluded an impressive 2000 nautical mile maiden voyage, showcasing not just the art of yacht craftsmanship but also the robustness and reliability of this stunning vessel.

Departing from Hong Kong, “C.WAVE” made its initial passage across the open with a brief respite in Subic Bay in the Philippines before it embarked on a continuous six-day sail, tracing the enchanting coastline of Indonesia and finally docking in Singapore without a single issue.

On the trip they went from famous cities to areas with no human development and only wildlife including fish and dolphins. Something a Selene yacht can enable for her owner, take her to famous places with lots of people and activities to the most remote areas of the world depending on the desires of her owner.

Not only was this the maiden voyage of C.Wave but Howard Chen, founder and CEO of Selene accompanied C.Wave on this voyage. Mr. Chen enjoyed this multi day trip between countries and used the opportunity to observe this specific yacht and all the systems aboard performed admirably.

While underway, Mr. Chen continued to get feedback from owners while coming up with new ideas to continually improve the next Selene.

This voyage was not just a test; it was a bold declaration of capability and endurance. The Selene 6219 “C.WAVE” performed admirably under varied conditions, reaffirming Selene Ocean Yachts’ commitment to quality and innovation. The proud owner of the yacht lauded its performance, noting: “Docked in Singapore after a 200 mile trip. Not a bad shakedown cruise for a new boat. She handled everything like a champ! Well done!”

The successful trip from Hong Kong to Singapore serves as a testament to the skilled hands at Selene Ocean Yachts. Every detail of the “C.WAVE” was meticulously crafted to ensure not only luxury and comfort but unparalleled reliability at sea. As we celebrate this milestone, we invite future explorers to trust in our designs and embark on their own adventures across the sea.

Bravo to the Selene 6219 Ocean Explorer “C.WAVE”! Here’s to many more successful voyages under the Selene banner, where dreams meet the mastery of ocean exploration.

July 11, 2024 News

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